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Monday, August 01, 2005

Variegated wool

I do like knitting with variegated wool - it's so much less boring when you're doing a plain pattern, safely sat inmy stash is a load of variegated wool, some for baby clothes for assorted friends and two batches one in shades of lilac and one in primary colours waiting for me to turn into something sort of fairisle for me!

So far this year I've done 5 baby and toddler cardigans and jumpers - all my friends seem to be having babies this year - must be the latest fashion I guess. I've found the pictures my partner took of them so I'm going to add them to the blog (he's not a knitter so didn't get close ups of the stitch patterns on two of them but it can't be helped). The fluffy jumper is in 3 shades of Funky Fur - very silky and slippery to knit with but feels lovely when it's done. Gipsy is worse to knit with - I've currently abandoned a jacket in that as I dropped a stitch and will never be able to pick it up in this life time.


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