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Monday, August 01, 2005

First post

I'm finally getting things finished - and given away - some of the things from earlier in the year are photographed but on my old PC so I can't get at them at present but I'm about to post a shawl to my mate and give a cardigan to my neighbour so I photographed them today and feel free to brag just a little! Once I get my hands on the other pictures I'll put them on here too - I'm determined to keep a record of what I make this time.

Currently I have far to many WIP's
1) pale blue DK baby cardi one front and the back done
2) peach/lemon DK hooded baby jacket, back and one front done
3) turqoiuse DK baby cardi, back done but I can't get the shaping right on the front
4) 3 ply white shawl - about half the centre square done
5)aqua DK patterned sweater for me - the back and one sleeve done and the front and one sleeve about half done
6) bright lemon/orange DK sweater for me - the back and front started as I'm trying to make them to match
7) bright pink DKjacket for me, one front and the back started
8) chunky sweater in reduced price Cossack - back done and front started
9) chunky hooded coat in reduced price Cossack back and one front started
10) kidsilk haze scarf out of Simply Knitting - nearly half done - navy blue gets a bit boring I'm afraid
11) triangular fringed shawl in greens and blue to match the shawl I am giving away to my friend - I'm making 4 in total, 3 as gifts and one for me - 2 finished so far this one is hardly started though
12) I have 4 teddies for tragedies in various stages of unfinishedness that I must get on with
13) a lacy cardi for a TV friend - I did a load and found too many mistakes so I've frogged it ready to start again
14) a barely started baby DK cable patterned jacket in pale lemon
15)lastly and very wickedly I began a Noro Kureyon sweater (again from Simply Knitting) I'm
making it in browns/cream and have done 3/4 of one sleeve. I'm making the sleeves first then going to try and do the body in the round to the armholes - I need to make it a wee bit larger for me so I don't want to run out of yarn

The stash catalogueing has begun, but it's making me feel guilty so I may leave it until I've knitted some more but as I have some yarn I won on Ebay and some silk from Hipknits on order it's not exactly going down.

The next puzzle is whether or not to buy more Pooch - I bought a ball to play with and really fancy doing something with it - one ball isn't really enough, but then I want more SWTC's Melody now I've got a little bit - trouble is I'm really running out of space.

I must stop and get off to bed - tomorrow is my first day back in work since some nasty young lad tried to attack me in broad daylight on my way home from work, I'm NOT looking forward to it, but it has to be done.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

I'm so sorry you were attacked! It's such a chore just toing and froing now... if only we could appear instantaneously. I know what you mean about WIPs... I have lots as well but I just forget about them until I'm looking for something else to do!
And now the quest begins for a new WIP!
Good look cataloging!

9:06 pm GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

If I can just get through today OK - I don't expect problems, just have to change my route home a bit so I feel safer - an illusion really but just as long as it works!

4:03 am GMT  
Blogger littlelixie said...

DB Pooch is very excited about the Pooch wool. Can you post a picture? The list of wip is *very* impressiv and puts me to shame.

6:34 am GMT  
Blogger Daisy said...

I love you list of WIPs - I need to do some catching up! Hope you get to work OK today. Take care.

8:02 am GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

I made it back into work, now all I have to do is cope with the return journey - I've worked out a diferent route home from the bus.

11:13 am GMT  

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