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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A couple of FO's

I'm addicted still to knitting clapotis. This is a narrow version in Juicy yarn, bamboo and cotton mix with the most glorious drape, typically I discovered it just as it was discontinued. I managed to resist over stocking it and only bought 500g each of 2 different colourways, my normal instinct is to buy everyscrao I find of a discontinued yarn regardless of how much I can use. This clapotis is mine, I've made several over the years and never kept one.

This is the first thing I've started and finished this year, a wider shorter clapotis, I wish in fact I'd made it longer but it isn't a pattern that lends itself to changing your mind one you've started the final decreaseing as it's knitted on the bias. Although I'm proud of it and it's very important as a milestone on my recovery I can't imagine ever wearing it, I just can't give it to anyone randomly I need it to go to someone who appreciates how symbolic it is to me.

A simple scarf, I have in fact made two, this one is in Medici, a gift to the manager I had for the first 6 months of my return to work, I'd give her my first born child if I had one she was so very kind and supportive to me when I returned to work in a horribly fragile state, she couldn't have treated me better or been more patient. We still stay in touch and met up yesterday so I could give this to her asa very small but heartfelt thankyou. The other scarf I have no picture of, it was another garter stitch scarf, made out of Illusion in red/gold/green - that has gone to the shrink I've been seeing, again it really is a totally inadequate gift to a woman has almost managed to convince me that I'm not totally worthless!

This is a baby picture of my Merlin cat - he's adorable even if Hecate doesn't agree - I didn't take many pictures of him before I gave up the photography for a while. I'm pretty much convinced when I look at pictures like this that he has to be a Siamese cross!

You may not believe this, but this is going to be a Christmas tree when I can finally be bothered to sew it up and stuff it. Real trees and cats in a small flat won't work so I've given my niece the glass baubles I had and am making a few of these, number 2 is on my needles already. As usual I have a load of WIP's - its a failing of my butterfly mind - I'll do something about getting pictures of them so you can mock me for my lack of focus :)

Tomorrow I get the results of blood tests to decide if I've developed type 2 diabetes during the last few years of comfort eating, I've done a radical overhaul of my diet this last month so I'm hoping to squeak through and avoid anymore meds.


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