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Monday, July 21, 2008

Up to my eyebrows

I'm back at work - just, I did 3 days last week and this week I'm aiming at 4, as a result I'm absolutely shattered. It isn't helped by my frantic efforts at clearing up the neglect in my flat - I don't think I've cleaned or tidied much in the last 12 months and the council gas inspection is in a month and a surveyor needs access soon too!
I've cleared up and thrown away or given away what seems like a small mountain of stuff and the place still looks like a bomb site. I've mislaid my camera while I've been doing this sorting, I'm fairly sure it is still somewhere in the flat but haven't time to look for it.
I am still knitting just a bit each day but only on some stocking stitch at the moment - the lace is up to 7 pattern repeats but I don't have time to sit and concentrate on it yet.
Don't worry if I don't blog much in the next couple of weeks, belated spring cleaning and work are taking up most of my time but I am OK - still emotionally fragile but I have manage dto get into work on every day I'd planned to so far which my mother assures me is a major victory!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

So nice to see you back,I too havent blogged as much as I used too and my stress likeyours is work related,hopefully things will look up from now on for the pair of us!
Great knitting too!

8:48 am GMT  

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