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Monday, September 15, 2008

Helpful kitty

I spent this weekend rather vaguely trying to do some housework, the flat has been sadly neglected lately while I've been so depressed and I'm gradually winning the battle against the chaos. A friend of mine has been helping me, he comes round and helps me shovel the junk out and get the cleaning started - he's been a huge help kick starting me getting things done.
I decided to attack the kitchen cupboards and remove the out of date stuff that lurks folornly in the back of them, I didn't have to deal with it all alone - as you can see I had help!
The crocheted squares are plodding along and I'm now debating booking for Skipnorth next year.


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Tis lovely to see you nearly back to your well self,I hate cleaning too,ill or not,especially living with 6 males...

12:58 am GMT  
Anonymous said...

Who could be a better helper than our beloved pets)? Sometimes it seems that they are the only creatures who love us.

12:09 pm GMT  

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