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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sod's law

Is alive and well, I spent this week - at least odd moments trying to get all the bits I needed for my digital camera all in the same place, I eventually admitted today that I had lost the cable I needed for downloading to the PC and bought a new one on eBay - do I need to tell you that less than one hour later I found the lost cable?

I can show you a picture from last spring, I added a new family member - I'd like you to meet Merlin. he and Hecate don't always get on very well, but he keeps her much more active than she was used to! He's much more vocal than she is and a slighter build with a tendency to leap around the flat like a demented rabbit and I suspect he has Siamese blood in him as he's a shocker for licking me and sucking on my neck given the chance.

I saw my shrink last week, I've been lucky enough to get some sessions with someone who I find I work well with, sadly the NHS considers that 20 sessions will cure you so I've nearly run out of time with her. I also had blood tests to determine if I am diabetic, hopefully I'll be able to control it with diet as I have finally (I think) managed to find a diet that is helping me lose weight healthily, I'm seeing my Dr next Wednesday to get my test results and discuss where we go next if the figures aren't good enough. I really don't want to start medication yet so I'm hoping the 10 lbs I've lost in the last 4 weeks will help my case!

If I can get the camera to charge over night I'll try and get pictures of the latest FO's - some of which are things I'd abandoned 3 years ago and I'm getting dealt with. Then I'll have to try and work out how blogger has changed in the long break I've had!


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