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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Finally we have progress!

I realise this isn't actually knitting, but while I was sorting through a box of chaos yesterday I found this baby sweater and sewed it up - and wove in every end - I'm hoping it is still big enough for my great niece as I started it last year before she was born then abandoned it with one sleeve sewn in.

Not only did I do sewing up, I found the Irish Diamond shawl that I started last year, found the pattern and actually did knitting that wasn't a garter stitch scarf, admittedly I had to do some fudging to get the pattern set right but I've actually done nearly two pattern repeats.
Hecate aproves of this sitting knitting stuff as I've cleared the piles of junk off the settee and now she can spend her time asleep next to me rather than constantly pestering for my attention when I'm playing on the PC.
I'm seeing my doctor Monday afternoon to see if she thinks I'm ready to go back to work, whenever I do go back poor Hecate is going to be very puzzled after having me at home for so long especially as for the first 4 weeks I didn't leave the flat.
When I first moved to this flat I thought I was moving to a somewhat safer area compared to my old house wher emy neighbours burgled me twice, however, I've been finding it is less safe than I thought, Friday night withing a half mile rdius of my flat 4 men were stabbed in 3 separate attacks - I wonder if there is anywhere safer to move to!


Anonymous sibille said...

I'm really happy that you're back!

4:31 pm GMT  

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