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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lost, one knitting mojo

What I have managed to do is find some satisfaction in crochet, even if only ordinary granny squares. I still can't concentrate on a knitting pattern to save my life but these I can do.
My return to work has left me really tired and I'm only just beginning to have some energy when I get home from work. In addition I'm facing at least one and possibly three more desk moves in the near future which is not helping my mood! I do, at least, like my new manager and I'm getting better able to concentrate on my work and being more productive.
I've even been working through the flat getting it sorted and cleaned after months of neglect.
The area where I live is deteriorating, a month ago there were 4 knife attacks in 6 hours one Friday night, this Friday a 17 year old was stabbed and killed less than 100 yards from my flat, all thoroughly depressing and trapping us indoors all Saturday while the police searched for the murder weapon.

Overall I'm much better but don't feel inclined to blog much as it would mostly be
1) got up
2) went to work
3) came home
4) microwaved tea
5) bathed
6) went to bed!
I will try and update this a little more often though so that people who eread this know that I'm still alive!


Blogger Daisy said...

Glad to read your post, even though it sounds like things are hard. Thinking of you.

7:51 pm GMT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Those aren't "ordinary" granny squares: they're stunning ones. I love the colours.

Sad to hear about the local violence. Take care!

9:14 pm GMT  
Blogger littlelixie said...

Crochet is good sometimes. I often have a project of each on hand so I can swap about.

1:01 pm GMT  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Love the colours. I can't crochet yet. Hope the mojo returns very soon.

7:34 pm GMT  

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