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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Downs and ups

Yesterday wasn't too good, Hecate had a demon in her I'm sure, she managed to open the freezer door, knock a bottle of olive oil onto the kitchen floor, break a cup and steal my Irish diamond shawl leaving it with this unplanned hole.

I decided that I wasn't up to repairing the hole and I was aware of a number of fudged bits where I'd attempted lace knitting under the influence of a combination of anti depressants so I've started it over again, to my delight I've mastered the pattern properly and it's so far doing well (and safely out of cat reach)

A parcel arrived from my sister today - I don't know if she or my nephew made this for my birthday, but it's wonderful. now I just have to sort through my 'collection' to find the picture hangers!

This book was in the package as well, fortunately Hecate has behaved angelically today so I actually may agree with the book title (until the next time she plays up)
I saw my doctor on Monday and I'll be going back to work next week, I'm not sure how I feel about it, I am much better than I was but dread it being as bad as it was before I became ill.


Anonymous Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!

9:32 pm GMT  

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