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Monday, November 19, 2007

Life and socks

I completely forgot to blog on Friday when I took this picture - I was wrestling with my television supply from my internet provider all day only to eventually get a tech support man to agree with me that my telephone signal is too weak for the service and they should never have offered it to me. At this point I suffered a sense of humour failure and sulked for much of the weekend. This meant that I didn't share with you the excitement of finally starting the heel of the second cable sock.
By the end of the weekend the sock had reached this stage in its development, I'm cautiously optimistic that I may get it finished in the next few days.
The lack of blogging means that I didn't thank those of you who left comments or emailed me about the arrival of the great niece, I do have several pictures of her but don't have permission from her parents to post them so I'm afraid that you will have to take my word for her being completely gorgeous!
I also didn't have the chance to share four unrelated incidents, three of which demonstrate to me that I really don't understand the local inhabitants here and the fourth goes to show that my cat understands me all too well.
Tuesday last week I waited at the bus stop and to my amazement saw a mother light two cigarettes and pass one to her son who looked to be no more than 12-14 years old - I find that sort of parenting completely incomprehensible.
Thursday morning on my way to work at 6am a young man walked past me with a single golf club in his hand, I can't think of any innocent reason for this - especially as he had his hat and scarf arranged to almost completely obscure his face.
Thursday coming home from work I passed a home made banner on a roundabout that announced to the world that some young lad was 21 that day and (apparently) still a virgin - why would anyone put that on a banner?
My cat (in my eyes) frequently demonstrates intelligence, having had part of a cooked chicken on Wednesday evening she saw the rest of it being put in the fridge, next morning she attempted to hide her cat food and stood in front of the fridge on her hind legs mewing to tell me that she'd much prefer chicken.


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