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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Better late than never

My mother has been blanket knitting and sewing squares together for charity, this is my sister modelling it - I know you can't see her but I assure you that she is behind it!

In her spare time she's been crocheting this in (I think) snowflake chunky that we bought at the G-Mex when she and I went on a spending spree in September.

I've been re organising my living room so that I can relax in my armchair in front of my vastly expanding range of TV channels - unfortunately as you can see Hecate has decided that I moved the armchair especially for her benefit!

She's very good at looking so cosy and relaxed that I don't have the heart to move her, she's been disturbed by the dratted fireworks around here and alternating demanding my attention with hiding whilst turning up her nose at her cat food.

I did finish another sock, October knitting was pretty sparse I'm afraid, I finished 2 socks and a cushion cover, I finished the knitting for the camouflage top and did some of the sewing up but then I did some tidying up and can't find it to finish it off!


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