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Monday, October 22, 2007

Stash building

I have to show you what I've been spending my money on while I've been busily not blogging! I'm addicted to yarn from the Natural Dye Studio, they dye the most gorgeous colourways and wonderful customer service. This is alpaca and merino double knitting in the hydrangea colourway, I'm planning a hat for me or possibly gloves, it's the softest loveliest yarn, I want to cuddle it!

This is BFL sock yarn in forest berries, socks ofr me I think although possibly it will end up as socks as a gift - who knows? I'm so far behind with knitting for my secret pal and for Christmas that I need Christmas putting off until next June! I'm blaming the chest infection, I actually felt too ill to knit for almost a month, incredibly frustrating and wasted a huge amount of potential knitting time.

This is merino sock yarn in forest, I'm thinking possibly the embossed leaves pattern from Interweave Knits, I've not got the book in front of me so I can't remember the name of the designer - I'll add it later.
Here's the proof that I did cast on the second sock but then stalled as I need to sit down and count carefully to get the cables right - I really will try and get on with it this week as I want to get it into the post (with its mate).

Here you can see how busy Hecate has been, now it is autumn I have to dry my clotehs on these airers, unfortunately she thinks they are intended as a climbing frame for her and my clothes spend most of their time on the floor! She does enjoy herself and demonstrates how athletic and supple she is!


Blogger Rosie said...

not sure which I qwant to pet the most: the yarn or Hecate. are you off to skipnorth again? I've just booked....

5:49 pm GMT  
Anonymous sibille said...

you're absolutely right: embossed leaves would be perfect for the forest colorway!
I can't wait to see a pair of socks here ;-))

Take care Sibille

I hope everything is fine there!?

9:02 am GMT  

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