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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Busy person

I've been busy today moving my computers around my flat, there is very little room here, mostly due to the fact that I have rather a lot of knitting wool so any big move of stuff has to be arranged like a series of chess moves. I've managed to get one of my 2 PC's working OK ready for the engineer coming to install my broadband TV on Saturday. Hecate isn't impressed but I'm pretty pleased with myself. This arrived - good timing, it felt like a reward, it's Socrates sock yarn in the Halloween colourway from my secret pal - it's lovely and is very high on my 'to knit' list, I have a couple of things to finish for the person I'm spoiling and then I'll get cracking.

My simple sock pattern is progressing, I'm procrastinating over the cable sock, I need to get on with it but not on the bus! Rosie, I don't think I'll get to Skipnorth, I'm really sad about it but I won't have got my sleep apnoea sorted out by then so unless you know of someone with the same complaint - or a hearing aid that they can turn off at night then I can't in fairness share a room with anyone. I wake up and/or snore/snuffle up to 30 times an hour when I sleep at present. I can't honestly afford to book into a B & B as an alternative so I shall have to count myself out.

A couple of years ago I bought a cone of this yarn, I keep this ultra simple shawl by the PC and knit the odd row while I mess around waiting for files to move and stuff like that, it may end up with a long fringe at the end depending on how much yarn I have left.
Sibille, I had a feeling you'd approve of my choice of pattern for the Forest yarn, it's a perfect match, a yarn that told me at once what it wanted to be. Healthwise I'm improving slowly, still tired a lot of the time, but the knitting mojo is returning and I'm more confident that I'm on the mend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah! I'm glad it made it! the yarn shop was "advertised" on limenviolet, and after the delay with the last package, I thought you'd appreciate getting something from somewhere local. enjoy the colorway!

I'll send out the next package soon.

your pal

12:54 am GMT  
Anonymous sibille said...

you're absolutely right :-)
I wish some more yarn balls / skeins would tell what they are supposed to be ...


I hope I'll make it and write a PM this weekend (I'm not sure because the German Harry Potter 7 will arrive on Saturday morning)

6:07 pm GMT  

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