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Friday, November 09, 2007

A day late!

I'd meant to post this yesterday as I had a day off work but I slept all day, I think I knitted a grand total of 2 rounds of a sock and the rest of the time was spent dozing with Hecate snuggled up as close as possible. This mug and coaster are now on my desk at work, they were a gift from my mother, surprisingly enough all my female colleagues seem to agree with the sentiment!

I found these three balls of wool at the bottom of the stairs on Wednesday when I got home, Hecate has been yarn hunting again, rather worryingly, I can account for the 4 ply, that's spare from knitting premature baby clothes, but I have no recollection of the other two at all. Is my indoor cat now sneaking through wormholes in space to find me yarn?

Everytime I think I will stop buying knitting pattern books I find another I can't resist, this has some very unusually structured scarves that I'd like to try although like my planned embossed leaves socks they will have to wait until I finally finish my secret pal gifts and do some rapid Christmas knitting! Don't worry Sibile, I will knit that forest sock yarn as soon as I can!


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