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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Checking in on Sunday

I'm still not making great progress with my secret pal knitting or with my Christmas knitting in fact but I did cast on this sock as a Christmas gift, it's Natural Dye Studio's yarn, I love their colours and they make lovely simple socks.

Knitting a simple sock would be much simpler if Hecate didn't try to help me all the time, she's reacted badly to me returning to work after the month I was off sick and is alternately sulky and clingy, I've never had to deal with separation anxiety from a cat before and I'm trying to get us back into a routine to try and help her to settle down again.
I have finally on about the fifth attempt managed to get the cable pattern established in the second cable sock - it might have helped if I'd written the pattern down when I invented the first one! Next sock after this will be the Embossed Leaves pattern in Forest although I may also try that pattern in the Maizy yarn as it is coloured in autumn leaf colours.


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