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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is this really purple?

I bought this sock yarn because it claimed to be purple and as we all know, I'm a sucker for purple sock yarn, in fact for purple anything! It looked fairly purple on the website and it looks purplish here, but it's more greyish lilac to my way way of thinking and I'm not feeling terribly inspired by it. I'm trying to branch out into non plain socks this winter and I'd hoped that this would become a flowery type pattern but at the moment I'm thinking more rainclouds and thunder than floral.

Now, this, is purple and grey rather than greyish purple! I finished a sock for me, and although I didn't take a picture of this I cast on the second sock in direct defiance of the second sock syndrome. I would have got more knitting done if I'd been television watching but after getting the broadband television set up on Saturday I made the mistake of moving the television and a cable has come loose, at the moment I haven't managed to figure out which one so I'm back to square one! I do have a wireless router now and faster internet plus to my excitement I now seem to have a spam filter working to stop it being downloaded from the server - I'm amazingly excited about this!


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