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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If I ruled the world!

Socks with cables on them would be much easier than this one (had I made a note of how I did the first sock this second sock would be much easier)I do love this yarn though and it will be very hard to part with the socks when they are finished!
In fact, more importantly, if I ruled the world every new pensioner would be given lessons in how to catch a bus. With the approaching festive season combined with the free bus travel that pensioners have after 9.30am and the difficulties in parking in Manchester my journeys home have been enlivened by people who haven't the faintest idea how to catch a bus. In the last week I've had to explain to a sweet lady that the bus that just drove past our stop hadn't stopped to let her on because she hadn't put her hand out to indicate that she wanted it to stop. I then had to explain to another couple that the bus we were on only stopped at bus stops, not at the corner right by their house (which would of course have been much more convenient). The buses seem to be full of a combination of hyperactive teenagers and confused pensioners with an added garnish of screaming babies in huge prams, it doesn't make for a peaceful knitting experience which is slowing down my knitting output dreadfully!


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