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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ever onwards

I actually managed 7 rounds of the shawl today - I think I just MAY have got the hang of this leaf pattern finally - it's just a shame that after row 53 I change patterns again! I just hope that none of my other relatives announce babies for a while as knitting in white is a pain, this will need a lot of washing!

For light relief I addded anotehr square to this, I like anything where I can knit a section in less than an hour!

I'm experimenting with various yarsn in my stash to see what works best fro lace - I'm finding the white 2 ply a bit fluffy and doesn't give the definition that this yarn did when I tried it.

Hecate has spent most of today curled up with me with one paw on my leg to make sure I stay put, she does make sure to inspect any knitting that is in progress.


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