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Friday, May 25, 2007


As a novice lace knitter this caused a degree of panic that I can't begin to describe! Two hours later I had it pretty much fixed, it ins't perfect but I find it hard to find the repair so I'm hoping no one else will find it either! All this mudddle on account of one dropped stitch.

I'm at row 35 of 225 to the middle but the mistakes I make slow me down badly. I know that I've not got this round quite right either, but I know what teh leaves should look like now so I'm able to fudge it correct if need be!
Lixie, and anyone else who's interested, the pattern is from the last Woman's Weekly Craft Special, it isn't the first time they have published it and they don't give a designer name. I may have a spare copy of the pattern as I've at least one back copy if anyone desperately wants it, let me know and I'll hunt for it! I have to say that the pattern isn't easy to follow, in part because there isn't a clear pictur of the lace. I'm using the wrong yarn so I don't know what size it will end up as either! I was surprised that they called the pattern advanced yet didn't suggest a provisional cast on for the border to make an invisible join possible. I am glad I realised that it was an option as my seam is almost completely invisible.


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