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Monday, May 28, 2007

Still decreasing!

I finally got a picture of Hecate in motion - because my camera has a time delay after you press the button I normally get just her tail if she's jumping as she moves out of frame - this one was a pure fluke and shows that she doesn't spend all her time asleep. Yesterday she managed to jump into the fridge while I had the door oopen.

I added a couple more squares to this when the shawl all became too much for me yesterday - I kept getting bogged down so switched intermittently to easy mitred squares!

I have 4 more rounds of the leaf pattern to go, then a band of stocking stitch before wrestling with teh next pattern. Next I have to do horse shoes, I just hope that the pattern is easier to establish than the leaf pattern! One consolation is that this round is 748 stitches - I began with 960!

I'm still playing around with lace swatches - this is the 2 ply I bought on eBay and I like this, in fact I think this is more like the yarn I should have used for the shawl.


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