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Thursday, May 31, 2007

May report

Well, this is where the shawl is - one pile of whiteness with a couple of dirty smudges that should wash out at the end! I've finished the leaf pattern and I'm just starting on horse shoes!

At the risk of sounding over confident I've got the first quarter right on the first row of this pattern but I'm way too tired to risk anymore, I'm going to do the sensible thing and leave the rest of the first row until tomorrow evening. I'm on the 61st round out of 225 which in fact means in terms of knitting I've done over half of the centre, this is in 6 weeks of pretty much focussing on just this. I'm even hoping now to have it finished in June. It does mean that I finished nothing this month, nit a solitary thing for the first time since I started the blog, but I think I may be forgiven for that!

I think I may well remake the shawl in this, I'm loving how it looks, much better stitch definition and a much more open ground, it is much slower work being so much finer but it's fairly rewarding.
Anyone expecting emails from me, my ISP has admitted finally that for reasons of spam problems most ISP's are currently blocking most emails from their domain, the emails I send don't bounce, they just vanish so the fact is that it has been going on for over a week without anything alerting me to the problem as incoming email is fine! I'll have to switch to hotmail and resend everything, I'll do that at the weekend I promise!

I'm sure you can guess what my June project is - shawl with possibly a few mitred squares and I'm still trying to finish a birthday present off too - I need more hours in my day!


Blogger Kate said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks for your comment on my blog - I think you're right about Dorothy Parker. That shawl you are knitting is really beautiful. From Woman's Weekly, you say? I don't know if I've got that. I need to get hold of that pattern!!

3:57 pm GMT  

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