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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A proper update

I finally managed to get the next pattern established - comapred to the flower pattern this leaf pattern is a nightmare - it took me around 6 hours of knitting and counting and frogging to get the first row done! I can however with the help of my trusty spreadsheet inform you thet I now have finished 20% of the knitting of the centre and over 50% of the whole shawl - with a long weekend this weekend I'm hoping to get the leaf section finished as it's not anywhere near as much fun as the flower pattern.

I'm determined to cast on some socks soon - and they must be purple, once I've reminded myself how to make a sock I'll try the hard pattern Sibille sent me at Easter.

The next shawl will be in this I think, it's a merino/angora mix and a lovely shade of cornflower blue. I know who I want to make it for, I just want to find a pattern I like.

Bamboo mix sock yarn, I've been wanting to try this for a while so I've dug it out of the stash to meditate on until the shawl is done.

I've dug out all the Koigu now and in a hiatus when the shawl had defeated me got a few more squares added to the project. Interestingly I've bought this yarn over several years when I could afford a bit more and the yarn is definitely varied in thickness from dye lot to dye lot. I don't know if there is any change over time of if it is just a random thing.


Blogger littlelixie said...

Hia Rachel. Was just following the shawl saga back to its roots but couldn't find the name of the pattern. Where did you find it? It is quite fabulous!

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