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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The month end

Before I list what I managed to do this month in spite of the sore shoulder I have to show you what came in the post today! Look at Hecate on the binder! Sibille, I can't begin to tell you what such a thoughtful present means to this particularly besotted cat mummy! I'm just starting going through my patterns to organise them so this folder will be the start of the project. I promise you that I will do everything I can to prevent her from trying her teeth on it. I'm sorry the flash refelected on the picture but it was too grey here today to not use flash!

In addition Sibille sent sock yarn - 200 grammes to add to the stash that I have failed to reduce this month (my confession will follow later) Ritter Sport flavours that I've never seen before and a big bag of Gummi bears - as you can see Ms Nosey Parker inspected them to make sure they were up to her exacting standards!

I've been playing with a new stitch pattern for the afghan today and I love it - the close ups are a little blurred but I'm highly impressed. This is the right side, they call it tweed, but the next picture is the reverse and I like this too, I'm contemplating a reversible sweater at some point! I'm sure it must be doable.

On to my completed list for January, I'm amazed, I've finished 2 scarves, 5 hats and 10 squares, I'm pretty impressed with the numbers. Where I've done less well is in stash reduction, I reduced my stash by 1.3 kg, partly because I passed over half a kilo of mohair on, but I then added 3 kg for a net increase of 2.3kg. To be fair everything that I bought was for specific purposes and I haven't counted the weight of the afghan as I'm hoping to subtract that from my total all in one go but it isn't the decrease that I planned in advance of Skip North!
My plans for February are pretty fluid, I'm aiming at making at least 4 more afghan squares, finishing the green Irish Hiking Scarf plus I think I know what patterns to make for the squares for the charity afghan we're doing at the SkipNorth weekend, we can do up to 3 so I want to do them as well, I guess that is enough to be going on with!


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