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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy kitten

I don't encourage Hecate to eat human food, but she got her paw into a plate with some pretzels on it - she was fascinated they're just the right shape to play with and carry around. She does tend to think that she is a retriever cat and trots around my flat with things clenched in her teeth - often balls if yarn I'm afraid!

I didn't manage to catch a picture of her leaving with a pretzel in her teeth, but I did get this illustration of the concentrating cat, a mighty hunter of the dangerous cheddar flavoured pretzel!

I spent a great deal of today trying to work out why my washing machine wasn't working at all - it isn't spinning properly on good days but today it sat and did nothing at all. Eventually I downloaded the instruction manual and realised that somehow I'd turned the power off and failed to notice! I know the solution was free but it wasted a great deal of time and emotion and left me feeing very stupid! I did at least manage to finish the latest hat off, I ended up switing to 3mm DPN's instead of 3.25mm but I don't think it matters, if anything it helped to pull in the decreases a bit more.


Anonymous sibille said...

little Ghandi loves to carry hair ties around ;-) Her favorite toy is a soft toy, an elk my boss gave me for christmas. When she is sick of playing she stores it right in the middle of my bed ...

Take care Sibille

9:49 pm GMT  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Baghera loves anything salty. We try to keep human food away from him, but once in awhile if he smells a saltine or a chicken in a biscuit cracker he just goes nuts!

1:29 pm GMT  

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