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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mostly sleeping

For some reason Hecate and I have spent most of today asleep - I watched a DVD of Longitude and another of Under Milk Wood but mostly I dozed serenely with her ladyship sprawled next to me on the settee. The green scarf is currently 30" long - it will get shorter when I block it so I'm aiming at 60" before I cast off, that is of course dependant on how bored with the pattern I get! I reverted to hat knitting again, I'm testing to see if I can get something reasonable out of a pretty chunky yarn on 6mm needles, I have a feeling it may end up too stiff, I like the tams to be a bit soft and slightly drapey. It's all in the grand stash shifting exercise though. I weighed the cone of yarn that I bought and the full weight including the cone is 448g so I'm counting it as 400g in.


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