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Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy busy!

First we have knitting, the scarf has grown and is now just over 2 feet long, I've got the pattern firmly fixed in my head and got a whole lot of it done while mother and I sat and chatted about nothing in particular, we enjoy the quiet times we get to spend together.

Before I start on what we bought today, these arrived yesterday back issues of magazines that I've been wanting for a while, Knitscene and two Interweave Knits, one of my plus points for American magazines is the wider spread of sizes for most of the patterns, this means I can find things to knit for me and also for smaller friends and relations. There are 2 skeins of Maya here - intended for hats as Christmas gifts, I'm trying long range planning this year, I'm aiming to make one item a month if possible towards Christmas!

As you can see, Hecate was determined to get in on the act - she doesn't like being left overnight and has been playing at 'Velcro-kitty' acting as if she's glued to me ever since I got back, she's delayed blogging by an hour because she had climbed into my arms and wasn't shifting!

My local newsagents where I work gets Vogue Knitting so in the brief moments yesterday when one of the 4 lifts in our building was actually working I collected this as well - I'm not totally convinced by some of the odder patterns in VK but there are a couple of patterns I quite fancy trying - provided I have something suitable in my stash as I'm trying to be restrained until SkipNorth.

Now, here we are with things bought today, these are pens that change colour or are erased if you write over them with the white pens in the middle, they were heavily discounted as a promotion at the exhibition we were at, I have a couple of projects in mind that will make good use of them.

These card kits each make 5 cards and were 6 packs for £5 - so incredibly cheap that I added them to my 'to do for Christmas' collection.

There was a stall selling bags of roll ends of fancy ribbons, I'll sort these out so that it's easier to see what a massive amount I have here, but the whole lot - 5 bags - was less than £10 amd will be shared with a couple of friends.

I hadn't intended buying yarn today and I did resist piles of gorgeous yarns but, I had the yarn in the top bag already and didn't have enough for a project I wanted to design for myself, the bottom bag of yarn was on sale - £30 a bag instead of £70, that was way too good to resist!

I'm not sure how much this weighs, I'll check and add it to my tally, but it was only £1 and again I have a project in mind for it. Apart from this teh only other things I bought were a pair of knitting needles for my neighbour's grand daughter who wants to learn to knit, 2 more cable needles as I've lost all mine again and a gift for my friend Trish! Considering how much gorgeous crafting stuff was there and how much sock yarn and pure wool in luscious colours I think I was quite restrained!

Melissa, we had a lovely time and Sibille - I'm still reading up on designing my own knitwear, at the moment I'm still at the adding different colours stage, I am definitely going to try taking a simple pattern and resizing it next though!


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