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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Look, I made a decision!

Yesterday I was agonising over what to do next when inspiration struck!
last year I started knitting an Irish Hiking Scarf that never got finished, mostly because I was knitting it from a cone and you just can't carry around a cone of yarn on the bus. I looked at what was left of the green yarn and realised I easily had enouhg to make a scarf to match the too small for me hat and I'd have a gift ready for next Christmas - how's that for planning ahead??
Anyway, I've remembered the pattern again quickly and this is currently ideal bus knitting, especially as my shoulder is slowly improving, I won'y promise it will get finished in one go but I'm enjoying it and I'm regarding it as limbering up for the cable patterns in some of teh learn to knit afghna squares.


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