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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Watching kitten watching

I've never had a cat before who watched television so often, quite what Hecate made of Michael Palin travelling in the sahara desert I don't know!

It's been a productive day, in part because I have my light box set up again properly so I'm geting sufficient bright light, I've been much more active and in a far better mood since I got organised and started using it again. The Wendy Chic scarf is finished, it doesn't look terribly big in this picture,it knits up thinner than the eyelash type yarn, but it's six feet plus long.

Another of the eyelash yarn scarves, I do like this colour, it reminds me of the colour of my favourite felt pen from when I was a child, I have more of this so I may make one for myself sometime when I'm not scarve dout, I have 3 more to finish and I think that will be it for this year! I think I've finished off 10 or 11 so far this month, which is quite enough. I've doen a bit more of the bright green today, I think I've reached the armhole and V neck now, but I need to write the pattern out for myself before I start on the shaping.


Anonymous Melissa said...

Aw, cute kitty! Our cats have no interest in the tv, but we do fill a bird feeder daily that they watch. We call it "bird tv.

3:34 pm GMT  

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