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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not much to show

Part of yet another scarf, one of the last three on my to do list though, there is another one two thirds done but the picture came out with such advanced camera shake I decided to leave a picture of it until tomorrow!
It's been a lovely day here today, glorious sunshine, enough to inspire me to go out for a walk. I've had a good weekend, very productive and much improved by my light box yesterday and the sunshine today. Hecate has been happy and purring when not asleep next to me. I've been doing some major sorting out. I packed away the afghan I was making for the time being as it had some bad associations for me and I made a square in red and white for a smaller version intended for a friend. If blogger behaves I'll try and get a picture uploaded to the learn to knit afghan blog, but as it took me ages to get into this blog I may not manage it!


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