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Monday, October 30, 2006

Quick knitting (and quick blogging)

The next fluffy scarf has grown a bit today - I managed to get some bus knitting done on both journeys today - despite my morning bus breaking down half way to work! I've entertained myself drawing up a schedule of knitting to get everything finished that I need done by Christmas, I'm not confident that I'll succeed, but I've carefull planned to do some work on projects for myself in between gifts, I'm hoping that will help to keep me motivated!

The bright green grows slowly, 35 more rows to the armhole and dividing for the V neck, the aim with this one is to reach the shaping by the weekend and do that in one great chunk. If I can do that I have hopes of getting it finished in the next week or so after that, it's planned as a Christmas gift for a friend's child, if I get it done I'll at least be able to cross one thing off my horribly long 'to do' list!


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