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Thursday, October 26, 2006


I had intended going to the Trafford Centre knitting group tonight and meet my sister, the plans came to nothing when we found out just in time that the wretched place was having it's Christmas lights turned on this evening and the place would have been a variation on purgatory. I'm disappointed though as it means I've not seen my sister after all.

The chunky jacket rib is finished and I've done a few rows of stocking stitch. It's only in cheap acrylic but it knits up quickly and I'll be able to wear it around the flat rather than put the central heating on. I know the flat never gets very cold as it's very well insulated and my downstairs neighbour has her heating on almost constantly in winter.

The colour shows up much better in this picture. I'm reckoning that even if I don't get the knitting finished before it gets colder it will keep me warm while I knit it!


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