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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Look people the tiger sock is growing, I just need to find it's orphan sibling so I can count the number of rows to go in the leg!
Here is Hecate claiming innocence of everything, you can see in the picture the rolled up rug that she climbs up and the cat nip mouse that is as big as her head!
Yesterday the only things that arrived from eBay werer gifts for my Secret Pal but today this dinky little plate arrived, it matches a vase I have and I just got a small cup and saucer that should arrive soon.

Manchester Town Hall is well known for it's architecture, the Open University did a programme about it that I am trying to obtain, I've never toured the whole building, but each floor has different designs for thw wall tiles so that you know where you are! I'll find somw new pictures of Manchester whenever I can for you to see 'Anonymous Secret Pal'!!


Blogger ra said...

Hecate reminds me a lot of my sister's cat Gracie when she was a kitten. She's growed up a bit since then and is marginally less of a monster, though she still has her moments. I love her very much.
I'm sure that Hecate will grow up into a proper lady (possibly!)

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