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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Views of Manchester - Town Hall

My Secret Pal was asking me about the city where I live, so I thought I'd look around for pictures of landmarks to show them! This is the town hall, a Victorian homage to 'King Cotton' in the gothic style.
It was completed in 1887, costing a million pounds and is a masterpiece in its own right. It is a monument to the civic pride of the city fathers, reaching 286 feet above Albert Square. Designed by Alfred Waterhouse, a leading contemporary architect, it was fitted onto an awkward triangular space. It was not unanimously liked as the best looking design, it proved the most practical of the 136 other designs entered in a competition (it originally came fourth).
Manchester had achieved city status in 1853, and was keen to show off its civic dignity. Inside it is richly decorated, with mosaic floors bearing the "bees", symbols of Manchester's industry, and has wall murals by Ford Maddox Brown.
At the front main entrance, a statue of the Roman Governor, Agricola, surveys the square. He had founded the original fort of Mamuciam, from which the city began, and is commemorated by a statue over the main front entrance to the Town Hall.
The building dominates Albert Square, with its monument to Queen Victoria's consort, and statues of some of Manchester's great men.

Normal knitting and kitten blogging should resume later if I can stay awake long enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot :-))
Really nice! I suppose this is one of Manchester's highlights!?
Hope there'll be some more pics ...

Take care SP

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