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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things to show you but not much knitting!

Please note friend of mine who is waiting for her tiger socks, despite Hecate's assistance we have part of the cuff of sock 2!
It was roses, roses all the way!
More souvenirs of Ireland! One day I'll go there myself - I keep planning to have a holiday and actually go away but it never happens, Now I have my fur baby to look after it's even more unlikely.
Luckily for kitten when she stood on the keyboard she saved my post as a draft before destroying it!

She's been very busy fighting me this evening, but I just sorted out all her toys and put them together - now she can spend the remainder of the evening spreading the toys around my flat again.
An art pottery mug from Arklow, I have two now, different patterns and shades but both in good condition.
Trek, I forgot to sort out the sheep name - I had a couple of emails and your suggestions - I promise I'll sort it out at the weekend when I can stay awake!

Finally, a Saxony Ellgreave tankard, it doesn't belong with the rest of the colection but I fell in love with it


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