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Monday, May 08, 2006


Not my favourite sight - a skip load of eyelash yarn for a couple of things I've been asked to make, sadly the black and white scarf has met an early demise when Hecate removed the needle from it the other night. I'll have to restart it again sometime when she looks like the picture below! The yarn in the skip all came from a poundshop and will enable me to produce fluffy things very cheaply!

Hecate trying to look innocent after an hour of attacking me, my jacket, my knitting, the letters that arrived today - anything that might move in fact!
This is the progress on the current sock, surprisingly I'm almost a third of the way along the foot. I'm going to update my SP* questionnaire today - I managed to win a swift on eBay today, so all I need is a ballwinder!


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