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Sunday, May 14, 2006

More hours in the day please!

Slow progress on this sock, but I did find the second ball of yarn so I can continuse with a little more enthusiasm now, even though I don't like the way the colour is knitting up. In the skein the pinks and greens were separate and looked good together, in the sock, they muddy each other, although it does seem to photograph reasonably well.

Hecate has been hyper active again today, I've got very little done as a result, progress is further delayed by the fact that I have cast on a gift for my secret pal and also started sewing something so progress on my knitting will of neccessity be delayed, not that I mind, but it will leave me short of things to photograph!

I fell in love with this material, I'd intended making new drapes for my bed, but until kitten stops climbing the old ones there's no point, so I'm going to make patchwork cushion covers and a throw instead.


Blogger Lilith said...

You'll never run out of things to photograph - you've got a fur baby!!

9:51 pm GMT  
Blogger Daisy said...

Where's the fabric from? I like the purples.

10:42 am GMT  

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