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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knitting and golf!

I did promise to start the second tiger sock for my friend - it hasn't grown much, but it is cast on!

I'm a bit worried about this sock, it's reached the foot, but I can't remember where I put the other ball of yarn - or, indeed if there ever was one! If there wasn't one I don't have enough yarn for the second sock,if I've got a second ball but I've lost it I still can't knit the second sock!

I found Hecate watching golf this evening, I'm not sure what fascinated her about it, but,as you can see she got really close to it!
This is my first ecard from my secret pal - this is my first experience of joining in a secret pal excahnge and I can't wait to start spoiling my pal!


Blogger ra said...

when you get bored of being scratched and bitten please can I have her?


4:02 pm GMT  

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