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Friday, May 12, 2006

Barely any knitting, but a lot of kitten

This, this will maybe become a patchwork, I'm going to see if the kitten will let me sew rather than knit for the short term, I can knit on the bus still but knitting at home is a battle of wills, You'll see from the set of pictures below that Hecate is so far not settling to let me knit at all, she gets wildly over excited by neeedles and yarn then attacks anything she is near.

Ra, are you sure you want Hecate?? I was late geting home due to an appointment at the podiattrist and she's been a total demon so far. She hid my mobile phone this morning and stole my toothbrush into the bargain!
She doesn't like fun fur yarn!<

This last picture is Hecate taking exception to the strap of nmy camera!


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