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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Houston - we have a sock!

Despite all the assistance I've been getting I have finished another sock, another orphan I'm afraid, but that is 2 socks this month. I'm seriously contemplating spending a month sewing rather than knitting just in case Hecate finds it less tempting, I've never tried mixing sewing with a kitten though - can anyone tell me if it works better?
Daisy, I'm sorry that Hecate is causing your Sooty to act her age instead of his!
Trek, thanks for your comment on the celtic knots - I must dig through my sewing as I have a set of small celtic knotwork designs that I designed/adapted myself that are nearly finished I've always been fascinated with the celtic designs and have some of Courtney Davis' (I think that's the name) celtic design books.


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