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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Did I really buy more yarn?

I told you Hecate is tiny! Although she's capable of creating more mayhem than a cat twice her size. She's playing up a bit after having me at home all weekend when I get home from work she spends her time beating me up and chasing her own tail, mostly she just chews on my hands and bites my needles.

She likes to explore and much preferes to steal drinking water from a container I leave in the wash basin rather than drinking from her water bowl in the kitchen.

Fluffy yarn from eBay, I have a plan for this, but it's intended as a surprise for someone who reads this blog so I'm not saying any more about it!
An almost complete sock, I'm just doing the toe shaping, if I get any bus knitting time tomorrow I should finish it.

Of course I need more hand dyed sock yarn - I only have enough to make anouther 80 pairs without this.

My new celtic knot dish - I like this and may fill it with balls of yarn in an artistic fashion!
I can't believe how quickly this turned up - I only won and paid for it yesterday and it arrived today - I now have to find a ball winder to go with it and figure out how to keep Hecate out of it!


Blogger trek said...

Beautiful knotwork!

11:03 pm GMT  
Blogger Daisy said...

Nice swift! Hecate is SO sweet. Sooty has evidently also been reading your blog as he's started behaving like a kitten too (he's 18!)

9:16 am GMT  

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