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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mostly Hecate, some passing reference to knitting!

We all know that pictures of washing kittens are cute, and I've finally captured a wee pink tongue washing a small black kitten!
I just hope this is a general scratch as she is too young for me to start doing the flea prevention drops!
Hecate checking out the DPN to make sure it is a) non edible and b) up to standard for sock knitting
As you can see, she's assisting with the sock knitting - again, but she has behaved perfectly while I've been away all day for the last two days, I had wondered if I would come home to find the place trashed, but she seems to have found herself a nesting place and slept the day away.
She's found a high up place to supervise my blogging from, thank goodness, it's much easier than when she was trying to climb my left leg while I typed!

Here we have the sock that she's been helping with - amazingly it is nearly finished, I'm on the toe shaping.


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She looks like she is sucking a straw.

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