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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Socks and a choice

Another finished pair of socks, granted not an identical pair, but fraternal twins at least! I've even sewn the ends in. That makes 5 pairs of socks finished this month if I include the first pair that don't fit me. I grant you I've barely touched anything else that was on my to do list for January but I have been doing other things - honest!

These are the 'in progress' socks, the wild foxglove had to be frogged back to the start of the gusset shaping because I seemed to have been doing it on auto pilot and decreasing in a rather random fashion. The Lorna's Laces Iris Garden is onto the gusset shaping too, and the Opal variegated is just about to start the heel flap. I'd like to finish the foxglove sock as that would give me my first target of 7 pairs of handknit socks, the other two are first socks of pairs.

Now I have to decide on the next sock yarn to start, will it be Opal Tiger or Opal carnival? I fancy trying something new with this and am contemplating belatedly joining the trend of the Jaywalker sock with the Tiger colourway but haven't seen anyone use that combination. In the background is the Irish Walking Scarf, I'm still trying to decide if cable knit scarves will be this year's obsession with me, it is only up to 11 pattern repeats so far, I just pick it up and do a few rows when I don't feel like doing anything tricky.


Anonymous Emily said...

So many colorful socks, very pretty.

4:37 am GMT  
Blogger blueadt said...

I'm knitting Jaywalkers in Opal Tiger & it looks fab. A photo of the first completed sock will be up soon.

10:47 pm GMT  

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