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Monday, January 16, 2006

Exercises in futility

The interview today did NOT go well, I hate telephone interviews and this one was even worse than the one I failed at last year. I'm seriously thinking of not trying for this one again!

As today has been an exercise in futility I finally finished the second sock that belongs with my first ever sock, futile because it doesn't fit me, but at least I have finished!

This makes me happier - progress on the second of my Opal suagared almond socks, it's grown well the last few days and I have high hopes of having another finished pair fairly soon.
That will give me 6 pairs that fit me and the pair that doesn't!

Now, I leave you to go in search of chocolate, the cure for most miseries and feelings of futility.


Blogger Sue said...

Awwww! Don't feel bad! Its not nice when you feel an interview has gone badly. The chocolate will help! :-)

I love your Opal sugared almond sock. I've been thinking about getting some of that in the lilac colourway and I think you've just convinced me I should!

Sending cyber-chocolate...


8:02 pm GMT  

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