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Sunday, January 08, 2006

SIP's - socks in progress

First we see the finished candy socks in all their glory - 2 pairs of socks finished this weekend, despite a return of the cold/fluey thing that keeps attacking me, I've spent the weekend drinking as much liquid as I can and keeping warm in the hopes that it won't return fully, socks are ideal knitting for these occasions! In the mean time I've made chicken soup with added garlic, it'll keep vampires at bay even if it doesn't keep colds away.

Here is the fruit salad colourway from the Natural Dye Studio, well into the leg of the first sock and the completed heel (first sock) of the heather twist Australian sock wool from the same people, I don't like it as much to knit with, it doesn't feel as soft but I'm reserving judgement until I wash them. I do like the shades of purple though - but then anyone who knows me knows how much I like purple.

The back two here are second socks, pink sugared almond Opal and the second wild foxglove, I liked this colour so much I bought 2 more skeins of it on the principle that you can't have too much of a good thing especialy if it's sock wool or chocolate. The front yarn is a variegated hand dyed(I think) Opal but, shock horror although I like it I may frog it and try it with a pattern, possibly Broadripple or Jaywalker, both those are on my 'learn to do' list for this year - any opinions on which if either I should try with this yarn? I probably have enough to make a plain and a patterned pair out of this.


Blogger ~Silvia~ said...

Love the Socks! I got sugar almond opal waiting in the knitting soon as I get around to it....Frogged it ones already!!!

7:26 pm GMT  
Blogger Lynne said...

Golly, I thought I was on a sock bender at present!
Odd that Australian wool would not be soft cos it is hard to get strong wool here - mostly merino, polwarth or corriedale (though the latter can be a bit rough).

11:18 am GMT  

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