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Friday, January 13, 2006

Brief update!

I have finished the heather mist sock, it is washed and drying to see if I bother with making a pair of frog this one. If I frog it, what do I do with 200g of scratchy four ply? Would it make anything worth felting - I've never done felting so it would be an experiment. Sadly the Natural Dye Studio at present only has this Australian sock wool and none of the luxury merino that I've been merrily turning into my happy ankle socks - still it isn't as if I don't have a sock yarn stash of centipede like proportions!

I saw my doctor today - lovely woman, gave me antibiotics and something to suppress my cough while I do my interview on Monday, she checked my blood pressure which hasn't got any worse despite the fact that I've not been able to work out for about 6 weeks. She's confident that this hasn't made my asthma any worse and was most encouraging generally, I actually came away feeling as if I may get better!

I now have to search through my patterns and stash to find something to knit for a boy baby - a work colleague and his wife have just had a boy when all I had nearly finished in my baby stash is a flufffy pink hoody, so now I have to find and knit baby boy inspiration!

Hello to the visitors arriving via the new webring Knitting Blogs that I just joined, nice to have you here!


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