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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Has anyone seen my brain?

Firstly replies to comments, ambermoggie, the pattern is Fiber Trends Pacific North West Shawl I bought it from Get Knitted here. The yarn I'm trying out was bought on eBay from Yarnwise. I'm not sure if it will work out yet, but I've now done 24 rows, this is a very long term project.
Melissa, thank you for your comments, the sock yarn is again from Get Knitted, Fyberspates Wild Foxglove, but checking the site there isn't any available at present. They do have other colourways still and may be able to tell you if more is available.

To explain about the missing brain, I spent yesterday confusing everyone by thinking it was Tuesday, as a result this morning I discovered I should have put the garbage out too late to do anything about it. I then arrived at work to find I'd left my antibiotics at home so had to collect work that I could do at home and go home to work and take the tablets.

No pictures tonight as I'm just doing socks today, and I do believe there are a limit to the number of sock pictures that an audience might wish to see. I don't see me finishing either second sock this week, but it does look as if by the end of the month I will have achieved my 7 pairs of home made socks that I was aiming for!


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