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Sunday, January 15, 2006

No knitting day

There's a good reason for not knitting today - I have a job interview tomorrow and needed to get myself organised for it. I now have notes on a number of filing cards prepared, the interview is over the telephone so I'll have the cards all set out to remind me of the sorts of thinsg you forget in interviews - things like your name! There's no real point in showing you a picture of filing cards so here's a picture of my first amaryllis to flower this year - I bought it cheap at the supermarket and it's thrived from day 1.

This is, though small even more of a victory - I was complaining several weeks ago that I had 2 more amaryllis bulbs that wouldn't get going. I abandoned them in a carrier bag on the landing, dropped some sweaters on top of the bag and forgot about them. yesterday I was having a clearing up day and went to throw them away - opened the bag and found that both the bulbs had started to sprout - they're rather behind now, but I'm hoping they're a good omen for tomorrow!

I may treat myself to a little knitting to relax before bedtime, but nothing significant is likely to happen there - just more sock!


Blogger Daisy said...

Good luck for your interview!

5:22 pm GMT  
Blogger Mary-Lou said...

Good luck - hope it goes well! Sounds a little scary being interviewed over the phone!

7:40 pm GMT  

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