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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Socking it to you!

I set myself a target of 3 new pairs of socks at least this month and lo - here is the first, sugar plum merino from the Natural Dye Studio, my fourth completed pair with all the ends sewn inand just as soft and comfy as the first three! I love this yarn, it's a very basic simple pattern that I know off by heart and can knit on the bus so I've been working on it whenever the Candies sock has been at a difficult point or when I've had to stop and think about it! I'm nearly to the toe of the second sock, that will be done this weekend. I also redid the toe of the wild foxglove sock after lengthening the foot and am much happier with it. I admit to having 6 odd socks on my needles at various stages of being done and 3 first socks waiting for second socks. The started socks are all at different stages and I knit a few rounds of each most days - eccentric I know, but it suits me. Thank you to everyone for the compliments on the Candy sock, I'm really pretty pleased with it, anyone wanting the yarn will find it at Curious Yarns

This arrived today, well 2 skeins of it in fact, 600g in total of 4ply merino in a colourway to die for - I think it's wonderful, it looks even better than the picture and feels very nice, I'm not sure if iuts sock material, but if not I'm sure to find a purpose in life for it. For now it is sitting in the bowl of contemplation on the table where I place especially gorgeous uncommitted yarn while I find out what it wants to be. I bought it on eBay and am seriously thinking of going back for more, I'll hunt through my 4 ply patterns and see how much more I might need.


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WOW! Beautiful yarn!

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