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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slightly sidetracked

The second sock is growing - but slowly due to the fact that I've been sidetracked by a book that arrived through the post! Years ago I read Lark Rise to Candleford in a very old copy with incredibly small print, the BBC just showed an adaptation of it that I really didn't like, but it reminded me of the book and I treated myself to a new copy. This has had a bad effect on my knitting as I haven't mastered the art of reading and knitting combined. I've spent a day's leave mostly curled up in bed reading as I'm fighting yet another sinus infection so resting seemed a good plan.
The sock is reclining on a gift from a friend of mine, it's the corn equivalent of a wheat bag, I finally met up with my friend to exchange Christmas gifts this week - we did at least manage it before easter! This is in fact from Maine, and is a rather cute bear with the advantage of being unscented, most wheatbags have added lavender and that makes me sneeze so this is wonderful.
I'm still persisting with the CPAP machine and Hecate and I both seem to be getting more used to it, my average use per day is getting closer to 7 hours and I am feeling less tired although still plagued with incredibly intense dreams.


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