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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I've been whinging with yet another chest infection, I'm getting thoroughly fed up with these as I can't even find the energy to knit which seems like an awful waste of additional 'free' time! This rather blurred picture is me finally starting to attempt a toe up sock, it was my resolution about 2 years ago to try this method and so far I haven't got very far!

This is my current mindless knitting, ultra cheap Sirdar Illusion on huge needles it combined my favourite colours of rich purple and blue with black and is intended as a loose over waistcoat to be worn over my many black outfits.

As the toe up sock isn't suitable for bus knitting I've cast this on today, I found that I actually had a skein of Cascade 220 that was required by the pattern so I'm for once in my life using the correct yarn!
This is what I'm making, it's a straightforward pattern and from my current knitting pattern a day calendar, the first pattern I've felt the urge to make. Of course, I should be following Rosie's advice and knitting myself some mittens to wear at night to stop me taking off my CPAP mask!


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